Sunday, May 31, 2009

N.U.S. May 31, 2009

Hey all,

You may have noticed there is no comic up right now. Unfortunately, that's probably gonna be the case all week long. I'm severely backlogged on schoolwork and until I get my stuff in order...

It's just, you know, the comic doesn't get me grades and it doesn't pay any bills.

"I've never spoken to a tree before..."

Monday, May 25, 2009

N.U.S. May 25, 2009


I didn't even realize it until I posted the comic, but today marks the one year anniversary. That's pretty cool, especially since I never cared about the one year mark when the comic actually started.

This is cool because that means that...well, it's just cool. A whole year come and gone. How about that?

My new-year resolution is to update more. 11 pages in a year is kinda sad.

Oh well. This page, some things I like about it, some I don't. I never came to terms with the last panel, though I am happy that Sparkey is back once more.

Also, I put a lot of effort into the details on this page. The money, though you cant see most of it, the SMILE TIME GROCERY card and the whiskey bottle label. That label became a project in and of itself. Check it out here:

Also, it turns out that my Colbert Ticker isn't working properly. It was, so I'll be looking into that.


I'll be back next week with another page for you!

"All I wanted was a nice little Goblin to zap, but Nooooooooooooo..."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

N.U.S. May 10, 2009

Hi folks,

As you may have surmised, there will be no comic for this week. Now, before you get into angry mob mode, let me just briefly explain.

See, my midterms were last week. I stored them on my iPod when I run between the school and home because it's simpler than carrying around my untrusted portable HDD. Anywho, the other day, the thing just...dies. Not while attached to a computer or transferring data or anything, I'm just listening to a song on it and then, dead.

Since I hadn't backed it up in a few days, I lost chucks of some midterms and in other cases, I lost them completely. So I'll be spending the next few days trying to salvage them and my GPA. If I finish soon, I'll post a mini-comic or something, just to tide everyone over.

In the meanwhile, consider it catchup time for all the days last week that didn't get the comic due to ComicGen being lame.

"C'mon Bobby, we can take her. You go low and I'll go high!"
-Lovez, Ayame

Monday, May 04, 2009

N.U.S. May 03, 2009

Hi all,

Well, I did it. I got past the three-comics-then-I-stop-updating-slump. Go back and check, you'll see I'm right.

Not much to say about this page. We finally see how T.B. lives...which is in a small attic that looks like a broom closet. Why? That's just the way he rolls.

Anyway, the page itself, meh. I like it more now that it's colored, but I need to spend some time working on my base art. I'm not thrilled with it, but I suppose if I was working on something that wasn't a lap-desk I could spend more time on the details.

Anyway, sorry about the problems with the site over the weekend, Stuart Packrell is working on getting Taymation Studios ready to be Newscast's mirror site again, just in case.

Also, if anyone knows where I can get a good quality Proton Pack, let me know.

Anyway, until next week, I remain, yours truly.

"Did you just summon 3 monsters in one turn?"
"It's called 'cheating'! Deal with it!"

-Lovez, Ayame_Ex

Saturday, April 18, 2009

N.U.S. April 18, 2009

Three weeks in a row?!

Can you STAND it?!

I'm not fond of this page. Not gonna lie. The concept is good but the Not so much. Still, it's done and up and I'm happy about that.

Last night, I did something I haven't done in years. I stayed up all night working on the comic and watching Outlaw Star -one of my favorite shows. It was pretty weird, and would have been fun if I hadn't had class this morning. As it stands, I got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

Not really much else to say. I think sitting on the floor is beginning to have adverse effects on my back. I draw while sitting on the floor because my roommates are always sleeping/making out/have crap/ on the couch. So yeah, I'm pretty much stuck in the space between my bed and the closet door. It's cozy but I swear my back is starting to give me real trouble. I'm gonna have to figure out a solution for that.

By the by, that barcode on the door plate really does say 'Studio C'

"So you're saying that I'm a Smeee-Heee?"
"A complete and total one!"
-Lovez, Ayame

Saturday, April 11, 2009

N.U.S. April 11, 2009


Two a row? This must be the end times.

I don't really have much to say tonight. This page is alright. I'm still getting back into the swing of this. Photoshop CS3 makes it much easier than old PS7. I guess that's because I've used it more.

Today has been the roughest in a long time in my ongoing "Stay Positive" campaign. I'm going to make a decided effort to make tomorrow better, no matter what I have to do to do that. I know that everyone has a bad day now and again, but I can't let myself fall back into bad habits. I'm having a hard enough time as it is.

Today was good though. I didn't have school or work so I worked on the comic all day. I also got around to finally watching Stand By Me which I've had in my Netflix que forever. Tommorow: Krull!

It smells and looks like rain outside. It's SUPPOSED to rain. Rain tomorrow would be a Godsend.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to...wait...I've used that one before.

Um...Aw forget it.

"There's a legend of a BEER in these swamps."
-Lovez, Ayame

Sunday, April 05, 2009

N.U.S. April 5, 2009

It took me 7 months.
It took me 2 apartments.
It took complaining, and it took rewrites, and it took friends, and tears, and vacations, and roommates, and a practical reconstruction of my computer and all knowledge that I thought I already had, and it took a lot more things.

But I updated again.

Suck on THAT!

And what does this mean? Well I don't know. It feels good to update again, and I would like to continue. I plan to continue. But we'll see. I can only do my best.


Note: T.B. Ryerson does not endorse the illegal downloading of movies, unless they are NOT produced by Guid-O-Productions. In other words, BUY NEWSCAST DVDs!

Note: T.B. Ryerson does not endorse the illegal downloading of movies unless they are really expensive...or if you can't get away with it.

I wanted to work a variation of one of those lines into the comic up there, but it never sounded right.

So that first panel there. You see it? That little piece of @#&* is what kept me from posting this for so long. I hate that first panel. In fact, there are a great many things about this comic that I dislike. However, since I had to try and remember everything I forgot about my technique, well I guess it came out alright.

I would like to thank Sparky and Tay especially for making this update happen. I would also like to thank Jeremy, my roommate who's addiction to World of Warcraft made the router possible. The fine folks at GameStop #950 (you know who you are) who joined my forum and pester me to update. I would also like to thank my dad and sister for the vacation that finally brought me out of my depression and my mom for tricking me into going.

"If that doesn't work then, I'm sorry but it's time for the T-shirts."
-Lovez, Ayame