Monday, February 19, 2007

N.U.S. February 20, 2007


As I promised (if not a little late) another update. Hu-zzah and good merriment to all. Yeah, that was a little...erm... but as you can see, this one was a little more graphic-heavy and not so much on the dialouge. Believe it(!) or not, this is the streamlined version of what it was supposed to be originally. Thing is, I wanted to get it across the first time so if you see it again I don't have to do all the in-betweens, but I wanted to keep the pace up too. *sigh* if this were in print, it wouldn't matter cause you could just turn the page. Ah well.

To all those who might be wondering; yes, I did make Cade's summoning circle myself.

Good news for Wii-owners. Besides the fact that you have one cool gaming machine, the beta version of the Newscast page is up. I haven't posted an official link yet cause it's in beta still and the only real improvement is that it's a single column now so you don't have to scroll. Anyway, if you want you can view it on your Wii here:

I would like to take a moment, to extend a very special thanks to a certain fan of mine. He's sent me numerous fan works and because I was shunning the comic, I never got around to saying thank you. So here goes.

Robin, thank you for all the fan-strips. I have spent many hours reading and re-reading your comics and they remain funny. Heh, just like Fighter-Chick Cam's. They crack me up, but I digress. Anyway, thank you very much. I look forward to my bout with Ebola so I can use them. :)

In the coming days, I will be posting a much more expansive thank-you list to people who deserve it.


So I just finished Hotel Dusk on the Nintendo DS and I have to say...AWESOME! I hate to say this, but it's almost a shame to fall back onto Phoenix Wright: Justice For All after such a great gameplay experience. Well, I'm sure I'll be back into the good ol defense attorney as soon as I turn it back on. Ah Phoenix. I could NEVER stay mad at you.

Also: Wii Play. Meh.

Work on my bar goes well. I found out what was wrong with the camera so once I get a new cable, I'll be posting many many pics. I still owe you for Pyramid Head after all.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to rake. Until next time, Newscastians.

"hhhuuullllooooo mmmmsssss. mmmiiiilllleeeerrrrr...."
"David...ARE YOU DRUNK!?"

-Lovez, Ayame

Saturday, February 10, 2007

N.U.S. February 10, 2007

Gweetins folks,

I'm gonna be quick today cause I am a little out of practice at this. First off, new comic. Yay! It's not shaded because I started having problems with my tablet and if I pushed it back again who KNOWS when it would have been posted? So yeah, hopefully this marks the end of my haitus. Tell your friends, Newscast is back baby!

Coming soon: Newscast: Wii Version. I said I was gonna do this back when I found out the Wii would be able to surf the net. Well, normal NC works okay on the Wii, but I am gonna streamline it for you. Why? Cause I like the Wii and any excuse I have to integrate it into your life makes me happy.

Also, for comic number 100 I got some cool fan art and some guest comics that I have not used or posted yet. I am gonna be tweaking the picture archive and then posting those so keep your eyes open.

Lastly, I realize that that break from updates may have been annoying. I can't begin to tell you how much I missed updating the comic. Either way, I hope you keep reading because I will keep making comics.

"Maybe I didn't exactly say every syllable, but basically I did, yeah."