Thursday, May 04, 2006

N.U.S. May 4, 2006


I'll make this one brief because I am too tired to type a lot...First off, sorry about Tuesday. Nienna is capable of some very interesting acrobatic feats which I was not wholly prepared to draw AND layout. Compromises were made, and in the end...I spend an extra week working on a page. I'm sorry, but quality is more important to me that making sure something crappy is up just because it's a Tuesday. However, it will be up Saturday. Yay.

On to more pressing matters, as you no doubt read up above, Newscast is seeking guest comics. Why? Well, first off, I do have a few from Fighter Chick Cam, but the thing is, I like seeing what other people can do (cause I don't get much fan art these days) and I think having someone who predominantly does all your guest comics might shy others off. Rest assured, Fighter Chick Cam's short Nienna story WILL be up next week, but I'm hoping if I get enough comics, I'll have a new one every day of the week. There will be at least three (FCC) so there will be a


And if I get any others, the schedule will change again. PLEASE send me some. I like to know there are fans out there. Also, you'll get something. I don't know what yet, maybe a desktop background, maybe some original artwork. Maybe something else entirely. I dunno, but I'm willing to bribe you for guest comics.

I'll be adding a new section to Newscast sometime shortly after my return from E3, something I realize I should have had for awhile....a DOWNLOADS page. Here you can DL icons, backgrounds, XBOX360 faceplate designs (for this loverly NYKO thing I bought yesterday), and maybe even cursors and avatars. I dunno for sure, we'll see.

If you haven't joined the Gamers Guild on the FORUMS, you might want to. Because when Tay, Stuart and I return from E3, we'll be answering questions from boardy users and also loading some special videos (we hope) from the inside. Most likely, ones from the Nintendo Press Conference and the show floor of E3 itself. Watch for them.

Any questions, feel free to email me.

I figure he'll get bored and die, THEN I WILL RULE!
-Love Ayame

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