Tuesday, September 04, 2007

N.U.S. September 4, 2007

Hey all.

Well, after a long absence I am back. But for how long? Hopefully for a good, long while. Not too much to touch on with this comic, except the punchline. I hope it makes sense, I mean...it does to me, but then again I talk to myself a lot.

So AnimeBanzai has come and gone for another year. I didn't even get to go because my store hosts some of the gaming tournaments there, and I was the one who got stuck watching the fort while the others (including the new meat) got to go enjoy themselves at the tourney. They claim it was hard, but I bet it was better than what I was doing. On a positive note, they reused some of my badge designs from last year, so I got to run another ad. Hopefully it pays off, if not, they still used my work.

I bet you're wondering where I was that whole time when I didn't update. Well, the story is this:
Firstly, Endzone kicked my butt. Doing 9 comic pages in two weeks nearly killed me. Afterwords, I hit a bit of trouble where panel one was concerned. I knew what I wanted to show, but not the best way to show it (my struggle there lasted until two days ago, actually). Between that, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out, and well, obviously I was needed there. Went to a midnight launch that blew, except for the book-getting part. Finished the book _twice_ before most people I knew who were working on it finished it once. /bragging. Then, came BioShock. Game of the Year material, BioShock has a story that will not let you go, assuming you take the time to piece it together. Yes, that game dominated my life before it even came out. Every snippet of news was like finding an oasis in the Gobi, and truthfully, I was glad to get it, just so I could finally get it behind me.

Am I a slacker? Yes. But with my move less than a month away, my job winding to a close, The Real Ghostbusters Season 2 on my hard drive, and a renewed sense of purpose, I bring Newscast back to life once again.

"Now, would you kindly go get stepped on by a Big Daddy? I SAID WOULD YOU KINDLY GO GET STEPPED ON BY A BIG DADDY?!"



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