Sunday, March 27, 2005

N.U.S. March 27, 2005

Well everyone, Happy Easter.

NOTICE: I don't care what holiday you celebrate, or what you believe so if you're offended by me saying "Happy Easter" then go somewhere else cause I hate it when people are that soft-skinned. I mean, come on. It was an offering of goodwill that you turned into some sort of diabolical plan by me to insult your lineage. I think not. Maybe you should wear a sign that says "I don't believe in Easter" so the rest of us would know not to mention it to you.

But then, if you aren't offended by me saying "Happy Easter" then everything is cool. Stick around a bit won't we?

In other news, you may have noticed the new layout for the page. Isn't it loverly? Go to the Newscast forum or send me an email to tell me what you think. Cause I love to hear from people.

Speaking of updating, you may have noticed that I didn't this week. Well, I started my new job on Monday and I'd be lying if I said I was enjoying it. But regardless of that, I had no time to work on new comics all week. I have one, and I might update today, but because of the Keen crash yesterday, and the 14.7 hours I spent JUST trying to get the new layout up, (which still isn't working 100% properly) I think I am gonna take the holiday off. So please check back Tuesday for a new comic and (hopefully) working fanart.

Gatcha ba Goose and Happy All Inclusive Non Judgemental Generic Holiday to all.

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