Monday, July 03, 2006

N.U.S. June 3, 2006

Hey everyone,

Well I have to be quick, so just a couple of things. First, you may have noticed that NC doesn't update on Saturdays anymore. Well, because of the higher standards of the comic currently, it's just been impossible. I haven't changed the schedule because I really want to maintain two comics a week. Stay tuned to see if I can do it. Secondly, this comic is UNFINISHED. Why would I launch it? Well, I'm finally getting a good number of people to the comic, and I want to do SOMETHING this week since, no saturday usually...and well, since the only thing is the shading and detail lighting, I figured I'd let the story carry this one and fix it later. (Oh, and I'm going out of town unexpectedly, in case anyone is asking WHY I am doing all this in the first place). And lastly, I'm entering NC in a contest so I needed to get done with this one. Wish me luck, and I'll fix this all up later this week. Be well!

Lovez, Ayame

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