Monday, June 09, 2008

N.U.S. June 9, 2008

Better late than never eh? Especially during finals. My animation teacher is out to kill me.

I like this page in some ways. It's a good layout (which I admit, I had a little help with) and it gets a lot done. On the other hand, the drawings aren't up to par with my usual.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is a lot of fun. Play it on any system you have, cause it's great. On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto 4...has left me very bored.

I might be being interviewed for The WebComic Review this week. Dunno. We'll see. Check it out either way.

I can't think of anything else to say.

"Always Glad to Help."
-Lovez, Ayame

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