Friday, December 03, 2004

N.U.S. December 3, 2004

I have reached the point where I realize that no one is reading this, but somehow I am okay with that. Therefore, while it shall retain it's Newscast Update Status visage, name, and general purpose, I shall also now post about things in general. How am I doing? What about me? All questions will be answered here garenteed (not a garentee).

Newscast as I'm sure you've noticed went through a little bit of a lull. But you know something, even if no one reads it, I shall keep going because I want to do so. You may notice some changes to the comic in the next few months, nothing too major I hope, but certainly changes there shall be. I'm still working with page layout and all that. What will happen? Tune in to find out.

Now some of you may be wondering why the HELL I haven't been updating. Well, I gotta tell ya that I...can't really...tell...ya....suffice to say I have had a lot of...issues lately and have been going through a process of change. I am not going to come right out and say there were razor blades involved, but I won't deny it either. Regardless, I've been just as pissed off as you have about the lack of updation and so, I have devised a clever plan. A plan so utterly brilliant that it will SHAKE the very FOUNDATION of what we know as webcomic artists. What am I talking about? Check the site starting Monday December 5th and all shall be revealed.

Taylor is again doing much better than me. Not only is he doing a very cool FLASH! animation for some webcomic I've never heard of, but his guest comic was featured today on WoT Now which REALLY pisses me off. I should be glad that he's doing so well, but I can't be. I never get breaks like that. Ah well. When he's famous and rich (I won't be because of various reasons, not to mention the fact that he'll have forgotten about me) then I'll be able to bore my grandchildren with the fact that "I knew that guy back when he wasn't famous". So there!

Anyway, my last little bit of news involves Newscast reaching it's 1st (and possibly last) birthday on December 2nd. I didn't do anything special, but I PLAN to. he he he. Remember, Bob's the word and December 5th is the date. Be here.

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