Saturday, June 09, 2007

N.U.S. June 9, 2007

Hey folks.

Well, the comic is done and all uploaded but unfortunately, ComicGen won't let me access the admin part of my page so I can't manually update it. You'll just have to wait till AutoKeen kicks in I guess. I'll keep trying until work at any rate.

News? Not much. There might be a guest comic next week cause I'll be out of town starting Wednesday. I'll probably get the comic up cause it's already written, but I am nothing if not a total procrastinator.

Aside from that there's really not much to report. However, I'd check out The Smash Bros. Dojo if I were you cause there's some cool tidbitz about a certain upcoming Wii game which should kick a Metric TON of ass.

P.S. Hope you've enjoyed the fight scene, cause it's almost over. Do you realize that if you'd read this in a book it would've been only a few pages. It just SEEMS like it's gone on forever.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who's voted so far for the newsbox.

"Wendy. Darling. Light of my life...I'm not going to hurt you. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just gonna bash your brains in."


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