Sunday, June 03, 2007

N.U.S. SPECIAL REPORT: June 2, 2007

Heya folks.
I forgot to do this already but, I need a little help. See that little (possibly moving) box on the left? That's the Newsbox. It provides ads to ComicGenesis comics. I have one, but I am thinking of changing it and I want to know what you people think of them both.

Here's the skinny. I want you to vote (ONCE) for your favorite by commenting on this post. That's right, I'm not even going to make you go to the forums (though you should, cause they're awesome). So check them out and vote for your fav. BTW, I'm not telling you which one is already in use.

This is #1: This is #2:


"Ha! Take that, Alastair Goldrain! And you, Froderick von Brisbane! And you crappy, drunken, dawrven DM! Where's your Constitution now! There's no Fortitude Check to save you this time!"


Unknown said...

As hilarious as the second one is It a bit long... still very funny though if one looks at it from start to finish.

The first one seems to be quite similar to about 50% of the ones I've seen in that add space before. You present the characters with one word and then have a little catchy phrase at the end. It's simple, as such adds should be, and fun.

I really like both though but it leans more towards number one for me. Though if you want to be a bit more unique you should probably go for the second one.

Unknown said...

Pretty much agree. I lean towards the first, though both are great. Much better than the advertisements I've created in the past.

Taymation said...

I'm going to go with Number two, its a little long, but catchy, and it makes people want to read it more.