Saturday, May 24, 2008

N.U.S. Match 24, 2008

Hey there,

Gonna be quick since I am gonna update this again tommorow when the comic goes live. Well, welcome to Newscast -OOM-. What is -OOM- you might ask? That's for me to know and YOU to...well, not know. Not now. Either way, it means many things to you, the reader. Here's a few of them.

#1. Updated page graphics
#2. self-contained pages
#3. many previously unfinished pages finished

But, it also means:

#1. The archive will soon be smaller cause chapter 0 is going bye-bye.

There's other stuff, but I'll go over it in-depth tommorow. For now, please enjoy Newscast -OOM- BETA!

"Put your hands down will you? You're embarassing us."

-Lovez, Ayame

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