Wednesday, March 08, 2006

N.U.S. March 9, 2006

EGAD! A crisis today that almost effected Newscast Saturday! So I was surfin the net this morning and all of a sudden, my computer goes ballistic! Everything locks up....I can't click on anything, close anything, or move anything. When I move the cursor, it's like I'm holding down the button.

I think -quite reasonably, I might add-;

So, my hatred for humanity rekindled, as well as all number of hypothesis going through my head as to where I might have gotten one (That email I got this morning? Kazaa left running? Star Trek fan encrypting them into the episodes I downloaded?) So I managed to activate my Virus Scan and left for work. Confident that when I returned, my Mcaffe would save me.

Oh how mistaken I was.

Long story short, after hours of panic, paranoia, and an excuse to watch Howls' Moving Castle, turns out my FUGGIN MOUSE WAS BROKEN! So I'll be picking up a new one tommorow and now Newscast can hopefully update Saturday.
Why am I posting this here? Just in case something else happens. The mouse I am currently using is only 1/10th as operative as my formerly-not broken one, so everything I do on this comp takes forever. Be forewarned.


I got most of the page updated. All the ComicGenesis logos are up and all the Keenspace stuff is gone. I'll be relocating stuff here shortly and adding some new buttons and pages. Keep on the lookout for them. Also, check out the new FAN ART on the page of the same name.


Like I said, I watched Howls' Moving Castle tonight and what a great movie it is. When it was in theaters, me and my friend Mina went to see it three nights in a row before they took it out. And I've been dying waiting for it to come out on DVD. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you doso. I liked Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Wererabbit, but Howls' Moving Castle is on another level of consiousness entirely. It should've won that Oscar....

Miyazaki, you are a GOD!

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